Better moderation for less

Stop manually deleting spam and toxic comments. Start using AI moderation to create a safer social community, for much less.


One-stop AI moderation platform with powerful features

We give you everything you need to create a cleaner, safer social media community. Detect and remove hateful, toxic and spam comments in real time, identify and tackle problem users, and generate 10x results from your online marketing.

Multiple networks

Fully authorised by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Real time removal

The fastest AI on the market, able to collect and moderate comments in seconds

24/7 protection

Runs night and day, keeping you covered round the clock. Because social media never sleeps.

Market leading bot protection

Advanced anti-spam AI, detecting 96% of pornbots, cryptobots and other spam bots.

Personalised filters

Simple, configurable content filters, so Arwen only hides the comments you want hidden.

Simple set up

Takes minutes to set up and get fully protected across your social channels.

Instant scaling

Arwen scales instantly in the cloud to meet any peaks in volume, with no loss of speed or quality.

Actionable insights

Regular reports show you what's driving toxicity and help you pin-point repeat offenders.


Everything you need to set up and run automated moderation

  • Arwen Protect

  • Arwen Engage

  • Arwen Reporting

AI-enabled removal of toxic and unwanted content

Arwen Protect is our core solution, providing you with 24/7 automated protection from 24 types of toxic and unwanted comments including bots, across 29 languages, emojis and intentional mis-spellings. Once authorised on your social media profiles, Arwen continually collects every comment in real time, and automatically moderates comments that break your rules. You're kept in control via our powerful moderation dashboard. 

Re-engage the 38% of users you lost to toxicity

Toxic comments are only 3-5% of all comments, but they drive 38% of followers out of the conversation. Arwen Engage is your step-by-step process to telling your trolls that the rules have changed, and to inviting your "put-off and passive" followers to re-engage. We help you create a clear and concise Community Social Media Policy that clearly sets out what you will and won't tolerate, and explain how your rule-based, AI-enabled moderation tool works. Build a campaign that explains your motivations and articulates the benefits to your followers. 

Visualise follower and moderation activity, and get actionable, easy-to-read data.  

Get regular in-depth reports on what's been happening in your community. See examples of comments that Arwen has moderated, identify which of your posts triggered the most toxicity, drill down on individual users and make evidence-based decisions to block or report them. Spot and respond to trends in the types of unwanted comments that are coming your way. 

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Services that power up your social marketing

  • Arwen Human Moderation

  • Arwen Insight

  • Arwen Consulting

Don't want to manage Arwen? We'll do it all for you.

Some organisations understandably want their social media team 100% focused on outbound content. Arwen Protect moderates 90-95% of comments without human input. For the 5-10% that need human review, Arwen Human Moderation provides a professional and cost-effective solution. Available for single events and short periods, as well as a continuous managed service.

Find and activate you super-followers.

Arwen doesn't just detect toxic comments and users. With Arwen Insight you help you identify and connect with your super-fans based on conversation analysis. Arwen Insight allows you to create more impactful, highly resonant messages, so you can schedule and target your social campaigns more precisely.

Want to turn your superfans into micro-influencers and grow engagement? Arwen will identify them for you so you can explore ways to convert them.

Not sure what you need? We'll help you work it out.

Arwen Consulting is for organisations who have an instinct that social toxicity is a problem, but lack the time, data or internal expertise to create a business case to justify investment.

Our expert team deliver a range of consulting engagements:

  • Assessing your current problem
  • Investigating your issue, risks and impacts
  • Identifying appropriate mitigations and solutions
  • Defining business and operating models that deliver online safety
  • Business case development to support investment

Arrange a demo with one of our advisors

  • 20-minute walkthrough of Arwen's features
  • Review of your current situation
  • All your questions answered
  • No commitment whatsoever
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