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Your AI co-pilot that actively manages your engagement mountain across both paid and organic.

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Remove the toxic. Tackle the negative. Amplify the positive.

Fully personalized AI

Totally transparent

Constantly learning

"Arwen looks after all the unwanted content and helps us focus on fostering positive engagement with our audience."

Protect your brand with Moderate

Get rewarded for a healthy community, without the effort of manual moderation or drawbacks of keyword filters.

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Turbocharge your performance with Engage

Automatically find the conversations that matter. React and reply in real time regardless of team size.

Find the needles in your data haystack with Customize

We create the algorithms so you can find exactly what matters to you.

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The FIA are committed to taking action against abuse, harassment and hate speech. is a key tool in our efforts.

Arwen means that hateful and toxic comments never see the light of the day, which is really reassuring for me.

I can't recommend Arwen more. Their service makes my social media a much better, healthier place to interact. I'm a big fan!

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