You dream it.

We build it.

Bespoke AI solutions for marketing and social media teams, so you can detect and react in real time.

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Extract untapped potential on your socials.

We bring our AI expertise to your business challenges, helping you invest confidently in solutions that give you an edge.

Monetize your community

We explore the hidden value in your community and find the best algorithms and automations to tap into it.

Accelerate your build

Our social consultants, AI engineers and data scientists get straight to work. No need to build a team.

Purpose built for social

We bring our extensive experience building solutions for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and X.

A million use cases...

As more and more takes place on social media, the more valuable communities become. These are just a few ways we're helping global brands tap into the true value of their communities.

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Predict buyer intent

Find out who is thinking of buying and act on it quickly to boost your customers' willingness to spend by+40%.

Tackle brand misinformation 

Protect your brand from bad actors by automatically fact-checking and verifying claims against your brand.

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Detect fraudulent activity

Find out where organisations are masquerading as your brand and protect your followers from handing over valuable data and cash.


AI is magic. Building it doesn't have to be.

Find out how Arwen can help you use AI to tap into the value of your social media communities.