Cure your comments section 

Auto-moderate spam and toxic comments to protect your brand and boost engagement.

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Round-the-clock moderation

Our customizable AI watches your profiles 24/7 and hides unwanted content instantly so you can focus on the things that matter.

AI-powered detection

Switch from ineffective keyword blocking to smart AI moderation.

Automated removal

Arwen doesn't just alert you to comments, it automatically removes them in real time.

Tailored moderation

Customize your tolerance across 25 + types of unwanted content and 30 languages.

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“The FIA are committed to taking action against abuse, harassment and hate speech. is a key tool in our efforts.”

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Maximize your ad spend

15% of people won't buy a product if they see toxic comments on an ad. Don't sink your ad budget and let Arwen handle it instead.

Safeguard your community

Remove unwanted content to create a safe and inclusive community everyone wants to be a part of.

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Boost your engagement

Arwen customers see an average 21.3% spike in engagement across their social media profiles.

I can't recommend Arwen more. Their service makes my social media a much better, healthier place to interact. I'm a big fan!

Arwen looks after all the unwanted content, so we can focus on fostering positive engagement with our audience.

Arwen means that hateful and toxic comments never see the light of the day, which is really reassuring for me, the team and our followers.


How does moderation rank you higher on Facebook and Instagram?

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