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Maximizing Engagement on Social Media: The Power of Auto-Moderation

Arwen's Product & Service Director explores how and why auto-moderation maximises social media engagement

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, social media platforms are not just communication tools; they're vital for brand visibility and customer engagement. But as these platforms grow, they are increasingly marred by toxic comments, spam, and offensive content, creating an unwelcoming environment for users and brands alike. This is where the transformative power of auto-moderation comes into play.

The Problem: Toxicity and Its Impact on Engagement

A stark rise in toxic comments on social media platforms, has put brands at a crossroads. When such content appears alongside a brand’s organic and sponsored posts, it adversely impacts customer perception and engagement. A significant portion of social media users report encountering more spam and fraudulent bots, leading to a damaging environment for brand interactions. The repercussions are clear: 50% of users would leave or reduce time spent on branded channels if hateful content remained unaddressed.

Auto-Moderation: A Game-Changer

AI-enabled auto-moderation accurately detects and removes all forms of unwanted commentary in real-time across social media platforms. This enables teams to finally tackle toxicity in a cost-effective way compared to traditional human and clunky keyword software solutions.

Statistical Evidence: The Impact of Auto-Moderation on Engagement

The use of Arwen’s auto-moderation solution has led to remarkable improvements in user engagement across Facebook and Instagram:

  • Increases of up to 33% in comments-per-post, 28% in views-per-post, and 26% in likes-per-post.
  • Clients are also aligning their investment with strategic Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) goals and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) commitments, to demonstrate their commitment to safe communities.

Case studies across various sectors, including sports, news, and entertainment, have shown substantial increases in views, comments, and likes per post, underlining the versatility and effectiveness of auto-moderation across different content types.

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Why Auto-Moderation Works: The Psychology Behind Engagement

Auto-moderation enhances user experience by creating a safer online environment. This reduces the "put off and passive" reaction common in toxic environments when users feel unsafe and so don't engage with paid, organic or sponsored content.

Furthermore, users tend to punish brands that do not align with their values, especially in DEI aspects. 

Real-time auto-moderation also prevents the spread of toxicity, encouraging healthier conversations which are favored by social media algorithms.

Conclusion: A Win-Win for Brands and Users

In conclusion, the commercial benefits of auto-moderating social media using AI are now undeniable. Brands using auto-moderation not only see a significant increase in engagement but also contribute to a healthier, more inclusive online community. In an era where online presence is paramount, investing in auto-moderation isn’t just a smart business move—it’s a necessary step towards sustaining and growing a brand’s digital footprint responsibly and effectively.

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