Will this be the most spammed World Cup ever?

Online safety regulations are coming in the UK but will it be enough to prevent this World Cup being the most spammed ever?

The Online Safety bill is a worldwide game changer and whilst most commentators agree it doesn’t go far enough, name me an Act of Parliament that did on first pass through our democratic lawmakers. It is the first of its kind and makes the U.K. a trailblazer in drawing a line in the sand to make the internet as safe a place as our schools, colleges and community spaces have become with the hard work safeguarding officers have put in over the last 20 years. 

Like many of us, we’ve watched and listened in dismay to the growing wave of abuse, toxicity and harm sweeping across social media platforms in recent years. To say that the status quo is now unsustainable is possibly an understatement. In fact, social media is becoming antisocial. Too many people feel a need to leave the conversation. We don’t think they need to, which is why we created Arwen. 

We were proud to launch Arwen across the Summer of 2021 in the shadow of the racist abuse storm that erupted after the final of the Euro’s football tournament. We have now moved full steam ahead into helping as many people as we possibly can and are proud that Arwen helps to shelter 40,910,100 people from receiving or viewing online abuse and toxic content. This number is rising as more people find out that there is a solution to this problem and it's easy to fix. 

It’s always been important to ensure safety online, but it’s never been more so than now, with an increase of 20% in online abuse that has happened during the pandemic. 

This unwanted content makes free-speech more constrained with fewer people willing to engage in online debate, it creates toxic environments that create anxiety for adults and children alike and it reflects a bullying culture that has taken hold on certain corners of what should be a technological new age of enlightenment. 

Arwen is proud to be helping to make social media social again so everyone can feel safe to engage in healthy discourse in the way they want to. Brands are finding that by providing healthy communities more people are interested in talking about them and sharing their experiences, whether that’s what they’ve bought or the experiences they want to share.    

And so what does Arwen do? Well, but quite simply, Arwen is a universal platform that helps individual users to manage their social media conversations by identifying and eliminating hate speech – from text, imagery, emojis and !*@? automatically in under a second. What’s more, each user can easily customise their preferences to reflect their own tolerance to different types of hate speech.  

We look forward to welcoming more individuals and brands to our community and promoting Trust and Safety online. 

If you’d like to know more as an individual or business check out our services now.  

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