Northampton Saints talk to Sports Industry about using Arwen to detoxify their socials

Article in Sports Industry

Tom Kwah, Head of Content at Northampton Saints, discusses the digital team’s cross-platform approach to fostering online communities, and how Arwen plays a role.

"We partnered with a company called Arwen, a marketing technology platform which uses artificial intelligence to remove spam or comments containing hateful or abusive language from our social media channels.

While we have developed an overwhelmingly positive online community, we do occasionally have to deal with some unpleasant comments – especially on Twitter – which is why we use Arwen. It’s a clever platform which helps to foster a more positive and inclusive environment which in turn allows our supporters and followers to engage more freely with our content.

We’ve even plugged it into a few of our players who have a significant following on social media. It can be extremely helpful, particularly around big Premiership and European games when the trolls come out to play."

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